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Directed & Produced by Radha & Shanti

Palermo Commercial RADHA BARBIE on a pedestal editorial Jonica by Shanti SANTIAGO the collection Russ is Santiago by Axle Jozeph Ktlyn - FLOW STATE Ktlyn - POP OUT Ktlyn - WE GET IT (Music Video) Ktlyn - WE GET IT February Tee January Tee Home Tee Too Much Tee Ktlyn - HOT Sparkling Water Club Ktlyn - BIG MAD Are You Entertained High Moon Collection The Gala Part (Pt. 2) High Moon - Joshua Tree Gala Sparkling Water Club Launch of Lushkills Music Stormy Rosarito Launch of Lushkills Productions High Moon - Malibu Nights A Visit to Chateau Alwin The Journey Is Everything Jewel Pink Edition Domestic High Moon - Kabreah 'Kubs' Anderson Stockist: Verishop High Moon - Brandon Thomas Brown Stockist: Wolf & Badger High Series 001 Orchid Handsomer Merch Design Lushkills presents Nudes - The Mag Nudes OVERBET Azizi Gibson - Hate To Say It (feat. Freddie Gibbs) ZDR Hats Collection The White Dresses Palm Trees alibrag X LK BY RADHA Collab Drop Riad Red Tchami & Habstrakt - Eternity (feat. Lena Leon) Charcoal Blue High Lushkills Podcast Ep. 33 - Rachel Courington Pink Baby Zoë Renait x LK Horus Bucket Collab Lushkills Podcast Ep. 32 - Patty Kan Lushkills Podcast Ep. 31 - Adela Julevic Confession Summer Collection Launch Azizi Gibson - Petty Tings Fresh Soul Fitness Website Design Azizi Gibson - Suspicious (feat. Maxine Ashley) Tchami - Year Zero (Remixes) Azizi Gibson - Genesis (feat. AKTHESAVIOR) Tchami - Shine On (feat. Justin Martin) Lushkills Podcast Ep. 30 - Sheila DemourAzizi Gibson - Sometimes Worship The Sun Set Collection Drop Capozzi - Hole In The Speaker Azizi Gibson - Last Minute Trips Azizi Gibson - THEM!? Luskills Podcast Ep. 29 - Kyle Bagley Azizi Gibson - XU Lushkills Podcast Ep. 28 - Adi Shmerkin Azizi Gibson - You The Shit (feat. Maxine Ashley) Panteros666 - Time To Come With Us EP Azizi Gibson - Hate Me If You Must Azizi Gibson - Mentally Here Lushkills Podcast Ep. 27 - Marten Hoerger Lushkills Podcast Ep. 26 - David Kim ANoyd - If Not Now, When? Kamandi - Genre II Lushkills Podcast Ep. 25 - Nikki Pennie Lushkills Podcast Ep. 24 - Harrison First Lushkills Podcast Ep. 23: Chris Webby Kamandi - Leaving The Body Lushkills Podcast Ep. 22: Weird Little Lines Wenzday & Capozzi - Bright Lights (feat. Lil Debbie) Kamandi - Gateway Experience ANoyd - World On Silent Azizi Gibson - Baileys + Bullshit (feat. Shofu) Biicla - Luv ANoyd - Orangutan (feat. Chris Webby) Sounds of LK ANoyd - Majin Buu Azizi Gibson - Stay The pHuck Out of Bubble Kamandi - Bag of Jein Kamandi - Okuti Valley & The Year After Kamandi - illgoblind Tchami - Year Zero Malaa - Illegal Mixtape Vol. 3 Tchami & Gunna - Praise Kamandi - Scene Kid Destroya Azizi Gibson - Over Again (feat. AKTHESAVIOR) GATTI - Devotion Malaa & Koos - Hell Azizi Gibson & Kamandi - Plausible High LK BY RADHA Deadskull - DOOM Kaskade & Mr. Tape - Hand Hip Arkade Destinations Living Room ANoyd - BlacKKK Baby Lady Gaga’s album interview for Tchami on Variety  Tchami - Born Again / Buenos Aires Deadskull - HO WAIT Azizi Gibson for In Ya Ear HipHop Kamandi - 7K Azizi Gibson - Reaping The Benefits Chris Webby x Pete Davidson 420 Websesh Marianna Phillips Interview with Radha Kotliarsky: On Creativity Kamandi - Staying OK Forever Kaskade - Redux 004 Confession Discord Malaa - OCB The Final Alchemy Azizi Gibson for LA Weekly Azizi Gibson - Change That Back (feat. AKTHESAVIOR) Tchami - Proud (feat. Daecolm) Tchami - Ghosts (feat. Hana) Azizi Gibson - Kamikaze Kamandi - ☽ (Moon) Weekend Crender for EELF Azizi Gibson - Now I Give No Phucks (feat. Kamandi) Kaskade - 1990 (with BROHUG) Kamandi - Weekend Crender Malaa - Bling Bling 2020 Remix Alchemy VI Chris Webby - Wednesday After Next VA8 for Not Biting My Tongue Kamandi - Not Biting My Tongue Chris Webby - Our Planet Tchami - Godspell in Why Women Kill CBS XXL Magazine for Chimera Act Azizi Gibson - Chimera Act 5 Page Letter for Hypebeast  Azizi Gibson - 5 Page Letter Clash Mag on Sontag Vents Magazine for Overwhelmed Sontag on Find Your Sounds Sontag interview with A Room Sontag - Overwhelmed Azizi Gibson - On My Own Chris Webby - Babylon Burning Azizi Gibson - Hell & Back Rezz & Malaa - Criminals ANoyd - Chainsaw Lush Radio Ep. 21 - Gloria Bangiola Arkade Destinations Iceland ADGRMS - it’s raining Kaskade - Redux 003 Deluxe Voices Limited Edition Vinyl  Kamandi & Azizi Gibson on Top Boy (Netflix) R&B at SOB’s Sontag on Noods Radio Goldie for Hugo Boss Lush Radio Ep. 20 - Chris Sparks Chris Webby - Flawed R&B at Adidas afterparty Lushkills Sampler Vol. 1 Alchemy V Pre-save Lushkills Sampler Vol. 1 Forbes interview with Tchami Lush Radio Ep. 19 - Marianna Phillips Tchami - Rainforest Anyway Friday on Selected Lush Radio Ep. 18 - Emery Kash Kamandi interview with CULTR Kamandi guest mix on Rinse FM Phoenix Mag Kamandi feature Kamandi in Five Voices for Billboard Dance Tsugi spotlights Voices XLR8R debuts Voices Kamandi in Computer Music September 2019 Issue Kamandi - Voices Friend premiered on Magnetic Mag Final Single, I’m Right Here Mood Album available for pre-order: Out on July 12th Third album single, Let Them Be Anyway Friday for Eton Messy Anyway Friday on Rinse FM Anyway Friday for BBC Radio 1 - Annie Mac Kamandi for Dummy Mag Tchami presents Revelations Anyway Friday on Kiss Fresh Kamandi - Voices EELF Premiere for Kamandi Kamandi - Anyway Friday Pardon My French sell out Red Rocks Confession Summer Edition: Tour & Compilation 2019 Kamandi - The Four Aves Tchami at Ultra 2019 Neo Noir & London Ellis for Hershey’s Gold Music With Friends launched Lush Radio Ep. 17 - Emmia Newman JAGA - Nocturnal (Remixes) Lush Radio Ep. 16 - Joss Sackler Azizi Gibson & Kamandi - No Phucks Given Lush Radio Ep. 15 - Brandon Thomas Brown Jain x Zillakami Campaign Lush Radio Ep. 14 - Lauren Tyler Scott S1LVA - Comfort Zone (feat. Karra) Lush Radio Ep. 13 - Paul Abrahamian Lush Radio Ep. 12 - Bella Newman Lush Radio Ep. 11 - Daniel J. Lee #A9A9A9 - #A9A9A9 London Ellis - Friends (Lyric Video) Lush Radio Ep. 10- Brandon Thomas Brown Lush Radio Ep. 9 - Elle Rigg Lush Radio Ep. 8 - Skylex London Ellis - Friends Lush Radio Ep. 7 - Megan Puleri Lush Radio Ep. 6 - Jorge Mejias Nikki Pennie - Graciosa Drive Lush Radio Ep. 5 - Gabriella Wells Bacci - Accommodate (feat. The Fake) Lush Radio Ep. 4 - Armani White Lush Radio Ep. 3 - David Kim The Midimaster on Under The Radar Lush Radio Ep. 2 - VisualsByPierre Lush Radio Ep. 1 - Jared Rapoza SOULOUD - Magic (feat. Thomas Mraz) Morgan St. Jean - Drama Kamandi - Like A Rod Stew Your Heart JAGA - Nocturnal Thomas Mraz - Kaleidoscope #A9A9A9 - 14M Duffle The Midimaster - Horse Patter Ultraviolet - Geode Teddibear - LŪV Cosmic Quest for Roberto Cavalli #A9A9A9 - Magenta Kamandi - Burn Them Down Kamandi - I Always Did Dan O’Neill shoots Lushkills Collection Why Mona for 2018 Ssangyong G4 Rexton Skylex Complete Jordan Comolli for Eminem’s ‘Bodied’  Kamandi for Dior Fall Ready-To-Wear 2018 Lowly Palace - The Path PRXZM custom-fitted in Lushkills Felmax for Budweiser Kamandi for The After Party (Netflix) Massive Vibes for Canon & Storror Lushkills interview for Stem Kamandi interviews for Vice LUSHKILLS SS18’

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