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Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


Shanti Kotliarsky












1/2 of lushkills

Which suit is your favourite from this collection?

My favorite suit is probably the orchid anuket bikini. It’s such a flattering color, and it fits so comfortably. The highwaisted bottoms manage to look really flattering while staying modest. It’s such a versatile set, I absolutely love it.

What was the inspiration for you behind this shoot?

Well it’s actually kind of a cool story. Prior to this trip to PV, I went to go buy some more film from my local film lab. This was during the film shortage so all they had left to sell me was one roll of 35mm Kodak Gold and one roll of Cinestill 50d. I had never used Cinestill before, but the owner of the lab showed me a couple of references - and I knew that this was what I wanted to shoot on in PV. The dreamy vibrant and neon hues of the film would be absolutely perfect for capturing the youthfulness and eccentricity of PV and in turn, this collection. That roll of film was kind of the inspiration behind how I wanted to shoot this collection - I did not want to hold back on any of the colors. I wanted it to be bright and fun and youthful. When we got on the boat and we started shooting I realized that my job was super easy, because the greens of the jungles and the hues of aqua along the coastline made for some of the most stunning scenery I had ever seen. It was truly the best day to shoot this. The colors of that day were perfect. They truly enhanced the colors of this new swim collection.

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Beso by Jósean Log

Perfect vibe for these photos - pure bliss and dancing


What does an orchid represent to you?

Ever since I was a child, I’ve always been so fascinated by orchids. My mom has an orchid plant in the room upstairs and I used to stare at it for hours. It was beautiful, gentle, and delicate, but it was always strong, bold, and elegant. I never understood how the petals could be such a pure and vibrant color. It’s infatuating.



SHARON DELBRIDGE aka Fresh Soul Fitness

A fitness instructor, clothing designer, muse, and the brightest soul.

Which suit is your favourite from this collection?

My favourite suit from this collection is the Anuket! I absolutely love this style so much. It fits a busty woman and it holds everything in. I feel sporty in it and sexy at the same time! I wear this as a bikini to the beach and I wear it as a bralette under my sundresses. It has so many uses. I'm in it every week and the quality is superb. It hasn't stretched out not one bit. I also love that you can move the straps in the back to the center to fit under tank dresses.

You were the inspiration and fit model for the Anuket top, what does that mean to you?

Thank you so much for making this design for me! I'm beyond flattered and honoured to be the inspiration for this style. It means so much to me because as a mature woman I still love to dress funky, fun, sporty, and sexy. I love clothes and always dress to express the way I feel! So this style expresses me so much! The style is supportive for busty women! I want it in every colour!


Pair a song to go with these images!

What song do I want to associate these images? Definitely something latin and beachy! The song in my head would be Mas Que Nada by Sergio Mendes. I adore this song. It's an old latin hit made in 1963! It was also remade by the Black Eyed Peas which I also love. Mas Que Nada means More the Anything. It's a beautiful latin song with a very chill relaxing vibe! This photoshoot was the most fun ever on the ocean and we discovered the hidden beach in Puerto Vallarta, it was the most glorious day with the sun shining and the breeze on our face. I truly will never forget the beautiful feeling, and we had such a fun relaxing time!

What does an orchid represent to you?

Orchid: the deep rich fuchsia colour of the bikini is the colour of so many of the trees here in Puerto Vallarta! It's Spring and they're in full bloom and every time I pass by these trees it makes me smile! To me an Orchid represents femininity and joy! I also know that it's the flower of love.




1/2 of lushkills

Which suit is your favourite from this collection?

This is a ridiculous question. I wrote it but it’s ridiculous. Mint Ra Bikini final answer. No hibiscus. No Pelli Anuket? Ridiculous.

What was the inspiration for you behind this shoot?

So we made the Anuket Bikini specifically tailored to be inclusive and a bit more versatile. We used Sharon as the model and inspiration. She’s the happiest person I’ve ever met and you can’t not smile around her. Sharon living in Mexico was also the easiest excuse for Shanti and I take the trip out there. Puerto Vallarta is my fourth home, I'm grateful for the amount of time I get to spend there. Shooting Orchid there just made sense. The colours came together to feel like our surroundings.

Pair a song to go with these images!

Delirio De Grandeza by Rosalia

What does an orchid represent to you?

Grace, elegance, and fragility. It's an unusual and beautiful flower, like us.

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